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Why Do You Need the Life Plan Checklist?


Curious what it takes to live to 100 yrs old...A Centenarian Approach

  • Due to financial strain and increasing costs related to healthcare, more Americans are declaring that they're retiring later
  • Over the next 16 years the number of people over the age of 50 with grow 74%, while the number under the age of 50 will grow only by 1% thus creating the biggest caregiver shortage in US History
  • Rising drug costs require greater retirement savings - In 2016, a 65 year old man would need $127,000 and a woman would need $143,000, if they wanted a 90% chance of having enough savings to cover health care expenses in retirement
  • Among those eligible for work-based retirement plans, 85% participate.  Among those not eligible for plans at work, only 30% participate
  • Four in 10 Americans do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep per night
  • Among all college graduates, 25 to 34 years old, student debt has risen five fold since 1995